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Bigger Boat Family Tree #1

Bigger Boat Family Tree is meant as an archive for all the music that me and my friend’s bands put out over the years. Long lost demos, out of print 7 inches, and old CDRs are what I’m after. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I want it all.

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The Krebscouts “Rock n Roll Pneumonia” demo was originally recorded on a boombox in Ben’s mom’s basement in South Fargo, ND in the Fall of 1996, and poorly dubbed onto roughly 30 cassettes.
I made an attempt to “remaster” the recording but it was pretty bad. I imagine the copy I got my hands on was at least a 4th generation dub. I managed to clean it up some, but it’s still far from very good. What do you expect from a bunch of teenagers in the mid 90s?
The cover has been recreated to the best of my memory. To my knowledge, no original copies exist. If one does, I’d love to see it (and hear it).
-Jimbo, Bigger Boat Records

Originally released September, 1996
Members / Ex-Members of
The DiMarcos
The Palookas
Big Schmoozer & The Dung Beatles
Sports Center
Cass County Uglies
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