DiMarcos / Apocalypse Meow split LP




The DiMarcos
1.He Died Doing What He Hated
2.Every Night
3.Nae Nae in the Night
4.Don’t Talk Back
5.J.O.B. Squad
6.Enjoy Work, Robots
7.Railroad Bridge
8.Third from Front (bonus track)

Apocalypse Meow
1.Run Like Hell
2.I Can Feel It
4.Follow the Sun
5.I Sleep Well
6.Travis: The Song
7.Fast Cars & Flat Screens (bonus track)

Digital Download included.

Released August 1, 2012

Members / Ex-Members of
The Palookas
The Krebscouts
Sports Center
Big Schmoozer & The Dung Beatles
Shadow of the Destroyer
Excessive Defiance
War Torn Babies
Juan Prophet Organization
Tight Whips
Off With Their Heads
Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band

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