Here We Go!

by Jimbo Rosario

A number of years ago, my good friend Cory Helm told me that I should write a book in which I tell stories about the first time I listened to this record or that record. I thought it was a good idea then and I still do. 

My favorite records and bands are a big deal to me. I love most of my records, some are ok, and a few are terrible. 

I’m going to review all of them. 

I may not just write about the music itself, mind you. I’d like to also share things like where I was, and who I was, and who I was with when I heard these records for the first time, and maybe most importantly, how they changed me.  You know, lame, emo stuff like that. 

I think records are kind of like a time machine, or maybe a timeline of your life. They can bring you back to places and time periods, linking the past to the present, and that’s one of the many things I love about them. That and the music, I suppose.

Film , for me, serves a very similar purpose, so get ready for some lengthy analysis of your favorite movies and film movements. Writing about movies is something that I enjoy very much, and I hope you appreciate my perspective. Please feel free to send me any screening suggestions you may have.

I’d also like to review anything you’ve got. Send me your records, cassettes, vhs tapes, DVDs, short films, or anything else you’d like to have some nerd write about.

And please, while you’re here, check out all the cool records we have for sale, my short films, and the radio show that I only manage to put together about once a year. We should have t-shirts and buttons for sale very soon too, so keep your eyes peeled.  


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