Bigger Boat Radio: Episode #3

Bigger Boat Radio:
Episode #3

The Eat – Party Line
PBR Streetgang – Fistfight
Grabass Charlestons – Sports
The Y – Get Bent
Scum of the Earth – Revision
Radon – Audio Illusion
Post Teens – Thursdays
Human Parts – Now We Wake Up
Hello Shitty People – Figure Skater
Legendary San Diego Chargers – You Will Find True Love on Flag Day
Dillinger 4 – He’s a Shithead (Yeah Yeah)
Cortez the Killer – Tom Cruise Purple
Serenghetto – Roll Call
Apocalypse Meow – I Can Feel It
Rivethead – Avoidance Learning
The Soviettes – #1 is Number 2
Lutheran Heat – Outer Space
Queerwulf – Cockroach City
Forced Vengeance – Michaela
Ye Olde Buttfuck – Sirens
Future Virgins – Brokedown
The Morons – So Long
Peter Stubb – Everybody Wants to be an Asshole
Bris – This is the Sound
Sandal Stomp – Who am I Gonna Fight Tonight
Hidden Spots – Chronic Condition
Claypool – Jade
The Budget – Permanence
Dharmamine – My Face is not an Organ
Prick Bigot – Filet of Brain
Pox Americana – Acta Non Verba
The DiMarcos – For Broken Ears
Astrid Oto – Welcome Home

This time around I featured bands from some of my favorite cities.

Most of these bands don’t exist anymore, but hey, what’re you gonna do? That’s kind of how it works in punk. You can rest assured that pretty much everyone in each of these bands has gone on to be in at least one or more equally amazing bands. They just can’t help it. 

Please let me know if you have any issues with the player. It’s a new one that I’m trying out..

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