Bigger Boat Radio: Episode #2

Bigger Boat Radio:
Episode #2

Wretched – Troppo Facile Morire
Gauze – Coretick
Disassociate – Anti-Justice
Defiance – Hands of the Few
Blitz – Voice of a Generation
Demob – No Room For You
The Casualties – Ugly Bastards
Final Warning – Eyes of a Child
Filth – Buttshits
Dystopia – Backstabber
Econochrist – Epidemic
The Pist – Textbook Salvation
The Krebscouts – Trestle Song
The Perps – Off Your Knees
The Palookas – Drink, Drink, Drink
4 Skins- Evil
Code 13 – Hardcore for the Kids
H100s – Brown Sugar
Devoid of Faith – Commodified People
The Partisans – I Don’t Give a Fuck
Angelic Upstarts – 2 Million Voices
The Beltones – Lock & Load
Sham 69 – Evil Ways
Wretched Ones – Hey Old Man
Discharge – Drunk With Power
Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L. – Have You Heard the Music
The Mob – Another Day Another Death
Stiff Little Fingers – Breakout
Crass – Securicor
Hard Skin – Fax of Life
Cockney Rejects – Oi Oi Oi
The Crumbs – Whatta They Know?
Swingin’ Utters – Strongman

Back in 1997 there was a punk house in my hometown of Fargo, ND. Tons of rad bands played there, and it got pretty wild at times. This episode is made up of songs that remind me of that house and those days.

I used to stay up all night listening to these records with Leif and Weez and BBF and whoever else happened to be around on any particular night. Leif and Weez were getting records in the mail daily back then so we always had something new to listen to. 

Anyway, these songs got a lot of play from us back then, and they still do from me almost 20 years later.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the player. It’s a new one that I’m trying out.

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